Charging our devices has become a daily routine like cleaning our teeth or more recently, washing our hands (well, more than normal anyway!).

To save having to repeatedly keep checking them to see if they had charged I created this shortcut for my AirPods Pro and iPad Pro.

Here’s how it works and how you can modify it for your own devices. Download the shortcut here and let’s begin!

1. The shortcut is made from a ‘Choose from Menu’ action and divides out from there. Luckily, as you add or remove a device in the first action it adds or removes it’s own sub action further down the shortcut.

2. For this example, I’m going to add a further option for my iPad Pro when it’s plugged into a lower-powered plug, but you can change it to whatever device you want, even non-Apple devices.

3. Tap ‘Add new item’ in the menu list and type ‘iPad Pro Normal Charge’.

4. This menu item is last so scroll down to the bottom of the shortcut. Under the bar saying ‘iPad Pro Normal Charge’, add a ‘Choose from menu’ action and fill it with the levels of battery you want to charge it to at a given time. I’ve used 30%, 50%, 75% and 100%.

5. For each percentage charge sub-option (like ‘30%’) add the action ‘Date’ with ‘Current Date’ filled in. Then below it add the action ‘Adjust Date’.

Visual of steps 1 -5

6. Fill it out with ‘Add’, the minutes it takes to charge to that percentage level (this is where you’ll have to do some research or timings, though my Shortcut already has options for AirPods Pro and iPad filled out), and for the third section select the magic wand and tap the ‘Date’ magic variable from just below ‘Date’ action above

7. Add a ‘Add new reminder’ action below that. Fill it out as follows: ‘Add [name of alert like ‘iPad Pro charged 30%] to [Choose a Reminders list, general Reminders are fine as it will be deleted when complete] with [Alert] [At time] [tap the magic wand and choose the ‘Adjusted Date’ variable from just above this action].

8. Repeat steps 5-7 for each battery level, then you’re done! You can add other devices as you like by repeating all these steps. If you want to remove a device from the list, just tap the red minus next to it in the very first menu.

I like having this Shortcut easily available by putting it in my widget that is to the very left of the home screen. You can then just tap the name and it will run the options within the widget (iOS 13) or in the mini UI section that pops down from the top of the screen (iOS 14).

When the time is up and the device has charged to your specified level, you will receive a Reminders alert telling you this. You just need to mark it as complete by long pressing on it from the alert and it will be removed and you can carry on using the device!

Neat, right? Any questions do let me know on Twitter.