It's that time of year again - the time when all the Apple nerds and tech experts tweet and blog and debate what is going to be announced by Apple.

Whereas only five or so years ago Apple could easily surprise us, with the number of leaks these days it's harder and harder.

However, this makes predicting the events more fun as we have the knowledge to go on. So here's my predictions and guesses for Apple's next event, 'Time Flies'. Apple isn't going to throw random things up on the screen; it will certainly all fit into a theme. So I'll also try and make those links and explain why these guesses make sense to me. Find out how accurate I was on 15th September!

Image of Apple Watches

Apple Watch

This is a certainty. Between various confirmations online, the event title and the fact that they always get announced in September, we're getting these. But in what capacity?

Well, we're of course getting the Series 6. It should be the same as the current Series 5 but with two main changes: a Blood Oxygen Sensor and a larger battery. The new sensor continues Apple's push to make the Watch a great health monitoring device; a push that has been massively successful so far.

The main new feature of WatchOS is sleep tracking. Unfortunately, while you can charge before bed, if you have a busy day, you might not have time. A larger battery (due to removal of 'ForceTouch'), probable performance improvements and a fast charge feature should make this feature work a lot better.

I also wonder whether the Watch will include the U1 chip. Maybe?

There is a rumoured Apple Watch SE too. I like this idea. A cheaper Watch without all the fancy things like always-on screen, bigger battery and extra sensor but that's good for tracking your steps, workouts and other fitness features — the fitness device for those who don't want to wear it 24/7.

This should all then tie into...

Image of Apple Services


While we're likely to see more iPads (below), I think the next main focus is going to be on services; starting with Fitness. It was rumoured back in March Apple was preparing a training/coaching service called 'Fitness('+'?)'. Then the Activity app changed to 'Fitness', so that is a strong sign. Whatever Apple has planned for this service it's sure to be a small extra cost and would sit in the Fitness app in the way Apple Arcade sits in the App Store App - always there and tempting you to buy into the service. When you do, it's easy to access.

This is part of Apple's increased focus on services, which is going to lead into another key part of the event - Apple One.

Apple wants more people buying their services. Fact. Putting it all together as one bundle like the probably named Apple One will bring more people in.

Music, TV+, Arcade, Fitness+, iCloud Storage would probably be the pack with maybe News+ as an additional bolt-on. News+ is not popular and is the only service apart from Music that is at the £10/$10 mark. They also don't get to keep all that money.

Maybe you would even get two months free with a new...


The other dead cert with the Watch is a new iPad. Cheaper and less 'Pro', these iPads are rumoured to have the body of the Pro but the insides of something less expensive. Full screen design, USB-C, magnetic pencil charger, TouchID on the power button instead of FaceID like the Pro. These look like the new features. Apart from that, er, well, I don't think there's much else to shout about. There's nothing here that hasn't been seen before; the main attraction is that it's more affordable. Great stuff, but hardly headline-making.

Additionally I think Apple will also make it compatible with the Magic Keyboard or release a different Smart Keyboard with a trackpad.


Could we finally see these? I think so. Again, this event is going to be big on the Services, in my opinion. I think the AirTags, allowing you to track lost items using Bluetooth and the U1 chip could be something you could only have if you bought iCloud Storage or even the Apple One bundle. Again, tying people into more services.

anything else?

Some long shots could also be AirPods Studio (Apple's over-ear headphones), the rumoured game controller, HomePod Mini, new Apple TV and AirPower (Apple's previously defunct charging station).

However, I think the headphones will be 'another thing' with the iPhone 12 event, probably in October, along with AirPower. Controllers, HomePod Mini and Apple TV's could be an outside bet as they tie into the services in Apple One.

Just a crazy one here - what if the Apple TV and the HomePod mini were the same device?! Allowing for a Siri controlled TV experience. This may be nonsense, but I'm just saying it now for bragging rights if it happens!

I imagine we'll see a new trailer for an Apple TV+ show too.


These are only my opinions based on rumours and general thinking about how Apple works. Still, I believe the main focus will be on the Apple Watch, leading into Apple's services and Apple One via the new Fitness service. They may well include AirTags and even another surprise. Then the new iPads are a little cherry on the top. The iPhones aren't ready, so Apple needs to create a whole story for this event. Apple Watch and iPads won't fill two hours, not even one, so look out for what is announced with them. That will be the real talk afterwards.