Idles / Model Village - Michel & Olivier Gondry

Most people's introduction to director Michel Gondry is through his films such as 'Eternal Sunshine of the Spotlight Mind' or 'The Science of Sleep'. However, he cut his teeth, as many indie directors do, on music video promos. Coming up with peers such as Spike Jonze, Garth Jennings and others his funny, eye-popping and often weird videos made him one of the best around. A classic is his White Stripes one from 2001 made out of LEGO.

Along with his brother Olivier, with whom he often collaborates with on his films too, he's back with a video of the latest track from UK band Idles. The track is a fantastic political observation on small-town attitudes in the UK and how they're not limited to actual 'small towns'. It's also a banger.

Michel hand drew and cut all the elements and shot them with his iPhone from home during the lockdown and his brother put them all together using CGI.

The video is also a collaboration with WeTransfer, and they have an excellent piece about how it was all made here.

But before that, here's the video...