Sparks / The Existential Threat - Cyriak

Do you know Cyriak? Well, get ready to have your brain scrambled.

The Existential Threat by Synth-pop-rock legends Sparks is a great track for our times. Covering everything from gun-control to prescription drug addiction all while describing the ever-present ‘existential threat’ that seems to permeate our current culture whether it’s home or abroad, often through the media. It’s a fantastically current song.

But the music video is even better.

Made by Brighton resident Cyriak Harris, it’s in his typically surreal, nightmarish style.

For those not familiar with Cyriak, may I direct you to his YouTube channel for you to observe, bouncing cows, morphing sheep, marching giant teddies and more. It’s all pretty bonkers and like a drug trip. (Though Cyriak insists his only mental help is lots of tea).

While Cyriak’s earlier work was just bonkers fun his more recent stuff is more and more in-depth. Following on from promos for the likes of Bloc Party and Bonobo,  the video of The Existential Threat is a very unnerving experience. All repeating concrete jungles and psychotic, wide-eyed millennials. It’s brilliant stuff and really elevates an already great track. Check it out below.