Every now and then I try to bring you a great music video you might have missed or one you know but that has a great back story.

This one is the new video from Baltimorean Synthpops Future Island.

Before I talk about it it’s important you watch it FIRST. So enjoy and I’ll see you in 3 minutes, 31 seconds.

Pretty great right? Some beautiful imagery that almost looks like a real life landscape painting at times. What’s truly amazing is that it’s all 3D animation.

What?! I hear you say. Yes, none of it is real. This is why I wanted you to watch it first. For one thing it shows how great CGI has come but it also shows how easily the mind is tricked when it’s NOT looking for the joins. Sure you maybe thought some was like the sea but knowing it was all fake is quick astonishing.

Go back and watch it again and I’m sure now you’re looking for them you can spot bits that maybe aren’t 100% realistic but that’s the genius of the mind - we believe what we want to believe. If we take something as real we don’t question it. It’s only when we expect it be fake, then we become over-critical.

Director Sam Mason does an amazing job at not only creating an amazing, believable world, but also one that is beautiful and almost dreamlike while also feeling grounded. Proof that CGI can always be amazing, it’s just in the hands of the creators as to wether it is.

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