A special post today to celebrate the release of my favourite band Eels' new LP, ‘Earth to Dora’.

Eels have had lots of great music videos over the years, but they have some fun ones already available for the new album. The first three below are from London based digital agency F-That. They’re lyric videos but enhanced a lot thanks to some wonderfully dry, beautiful, and humorous animations. The fourth is from Drew Tetz and features a great zoetrope animation of the vinyl itself.

Finally at the end I’ve dropped in two of my favourite Eels videos by Hammer & Tongs; ‘Last Stop This Town’ and ‘Cancer for the Cure’, from 1998’s Electro-Shock Blues.

They’re great videos so give them all a watch.

Eels new LP ‘Earth to Dora’ is out now. Give it a listen.