In this series, I pick an OS or hardware feature Apple either doesn’t have or is not using very well. Why is this the case and how easy is it to rectify?

Nice try Lisa, that big number almost had me
Nice try Lisa, that big number almost distracted me

catching then fumbling

This week was Apple’s ‘Time Flies’ event in which they upgraded the iPad, iPad Air and Apple Watch while introducing Fitness+ and the Apple One services bundle.

Amongst those announcements were the usual videos and grand statements about how Apple is making a difference in people’s lives and trying to make a better world.

Of those conversations, they highlighted the environment. More specifically, how e-waste was a problem, and Apple was going to try and change that by removing the USB power adaptor from the new Apple Watch.

As I outlined here, this is great news and even overdue. So all good, right?!

Wrong. While at the end of the event, the message was excellent, and I came away pleased, it became clear that Apple’s approach was quite flawed. Firstly, the power adaptor is still in with the more expensive Apple Watch Edition. Secondly, it is still on sale for £19/$19 separately.

Adding it into the high-end model and not offering it for a discount at purchase completely undercuts their environmental message. What it really says is ‘we’re taking out the adaptor to save money. However, if you spring for the expensive version, we’ll throw it in for you.’

Low hanging fruit - swung at but wildly missed.

No ECG here!
No ECG here!

SE = SOME ‘elp

Ok, I struggled with that headline!

The Apple Watch SE. A fantastic device with great features at a great price.

Perfect for people who mainly just wanted a light fitness tracker and health monitoring device but weren’t going to be adding lots of shortcuts or task manage from it etc. Perfect for, as Apple pitched with Family Setup, kids or older relatives.

Except, is it? While they left out the always-on display and the blood oxygen sensor (ok, fine) one maddening exclusion was the ECG sensor.

The more I think about this, the more it makes me mad.

Apple has repeatedly said they want to make a considerable contribution to people’s health. Tim Cook even said it was going to be their legacy. So in the same breath as saying how it saved people’s lives and also introducing the ability for older relatives to use one without an iPhone (great for alerting the host if they have any problems), they THEN removed the most life-changing feature. Who in their right minds decided this?

This makes zero sense. If I were getting a watch for an older relative, I would NEVER get the SE. What’s the point?

Again, low hanging fruit. What would have been an incredible purchase for older relatives (and others) is entirely undercut by the omission of one feature. Bizarre.

In an event where Apple knocked it out of the park (new iPad Air looks amazing, Fitness+ looks like such a well-rounded service and Apple One is excellent value), it was a shame these two areas let it down.