I recently got the Aqara G2H Camera Hub. I’d been looking for a great camera solution that worked with HomeKit secure video, including the features for recording triggered by people, pets and vehicles. I didn’t want to have to access it from an app other than the Home app and also didn’t want to pay the earth. HomeKit Authority recommended the G2H as the perfect solution for this. While it’s not publicly on sale outside of China, the website Banggood was shipping to the UK, and the £43($59) price tag was fantastic. It’s all in super-cute design, available in 4 colours!

I ordered it, and it arrived within a week. I set it up in the HomeKit app in 2 minutes flat by merely scanning the code on the base. Unfortunately, I discovered the recording and motion sensor wasn’t working. After some digging, I found the fix.

The solution isn’t available anywhere online, so here’s the simple step-by-step to fix it should you have the same issue. (not all have)

Image showing steps 1 to 3

1. Download the Aqara app.Open it, and you are offered the chance to create an account. You don’t need to. Just tap ‘HomeKit Mode’ and continue.

2. Tap the Accessories tab at the bottom and tap on your camera.

3. You’ll notice the firmware is 2.0.3. It should be 2.0.8. Tap on it to update.

Image showing steps 4 to 6

4. After updating it will show version 2.0.8.

5. Go back to the Home app. Recording and motion detection should now be working, making this possibly the best buy for a HomeKit camera. Aqara is due to launch this outside of China later this year.

Have you got the Aqara G2H camera? What do you think of it? Let me know on Twitter.