Ever since getting the iOS 14 beta I’ve been taken by the new sleep features Apple has added. Along with the Apple Watch integration - which I haven’t tried due to the inability to restore the watch to iOS 13 if something should go wrong - There are some really interesting features.

Chief among them is the Wind Down feature.

After you set your preferred sleep time and length as well as alarm time for each day the health app offers a new feature called ‘Wind Down’.

This feature turns on Do Not Disturb, dims your screen and gives glanceable details of alarm time and watch battery level. Handy! You also have to tap ‘Dismiss’ and THEN swipe up to unlock.

Already this is making me interact with my phone less before bed.

But what I’ve been interested in over the past week is the ‘Shortcuts’ button that is also present.

This button allows you quick access to shortcuts you can set like a chosen home scene or one tap access to a wellness app. Frustratingly what it DOESN’T allow you to do is run one of your predefined shortcuts you’ve created using the increasingly powerful Shortcuts app. At least it doesn't make it obvious!

Because there IS a singular check box that you have to know is there that allows you to add a shortcut to the Wind Down Lock Screen.

a shortcut to sleeping well

So, I've created 3 handy shortcuts that give a great, glanceable look at the next day and the week ahead. Enjoy!

1. Download my 3 shortcuts here, here & here. Open them in Shortcuts and allow access to your calendar and reminders. Then exit to your Shortcuts library. (If you're not familiar, it just allows the shortcuts to work with the apps. No data is sent out)

2. Create a new shortcut and add the action ‘Run Shortcut’. You need to do this the embeded way so your Sleep Well Lock Screen doesn't show a big list of the actions which looks ugly.

3. Select my ‘Sleep Well Calendar Tomorrow’ shortcut, press the 3dots amd change the name of this parent shortcut to ‘What’s Happening Tomorrow’. (Or whatever you prefer) Change the shortcut’s icon and colour too if you want. Then flick the 'Show In Sleep Mode' switch to on. This is the crucial bit that Apple doesn't make obvious!

4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 again for ‘Sleep Well Reminders Tomorrow’ - you will need to tweak the names in this shortcut to your own reminders lists naming.

5. Then repeat again for ‘Sleep Well Calendar Coming Days’.

6. You can check these have been installed correctly by going to 'Sleep Schedule' in the Health app and tapping 'Wind Down Shortcuts'.

7. When it’s time for bed and your phone goes into ’Wind Down’ mode you will see a button for ‘Shortcuts’ on the Lock Screen. Tap this and it will bring up your three shortcuts along with a link to your alarm.

8. Tap on one of the shortcuts and it will bring up a list of calendar entries/reminders as required. Tap on one to visit it in the app or tap outside of them to dismiss.

And that’s it! Now that shortcuts can run on screen without needing to open up the Shortcuts app, this is a great way to glance at the following day and week ahead as you get ready for bed.

Do you have any great new iOS 14 shortcuts that you’re now able to do in the iOS 14 beta? If so, get in touch and let me know! If you have any questions on this guide, please get in touch on Twitter.