So Billy Crudup won Apple’s sole Emmy last night. Great. I think it is very well deserved. Out of the others in his category, he was undoubtedly the best. He was an intriguing character mainly because you didn’t know what was going on in his head or whether he was good or bad. Crudup seems to have loved playing the part and even made pages of notes on his motivations and head tilts!

Out of all the Apple TV+ nominations, I think this was probably the right result. Most of the nominations were fair and while I really enjoyed things like The Morning Shows’ Saul Bass-style title sequence, Jennifer Aniston’s performance and Lesley Odom Jr. on Central Park I think the eventual winners were correct.

The thing is that in the end, award ceremonies are strange beasts. They are frustrating when the stuff you loved isn’t recognised, then exciting when they are, especially if it’s an outside bet or a real cult show.

In the end, what was noticeable in Apple’s nominations were what wasn’t nominated!

Apple’s two best shows were the exceptional Little America and the really powerful and focused docu-series Visible (note that Ted Lasso was too late to be eligible!). They should both have received several nominations. It would have also been good to see The Greatness Code get some recognition for its astounding visuals or Servant for its photography or production design.

However, it’s all subjective, and looking back on Apple’s first year they’ve produced some great content even if the overall catalogue of TV content is very un-even while the film side gets stronger and stronger.

There’s lots more to come, which I look forward to, but Apple still needs to prove it has a reason to be, other than another service that produces good content. It would be great if Apple flexed it’s tech muscle more and integrated Apple Music or Podcasts into TV+, making it richer and differentiating themselves more from others.

One side it’s showing value is in the diversity of stories and voices. From Little America to Visible to Hala to the upcoming Tehran; it’s putting different stories like these front and centre which is great. Even if they don’t get the awards recognition they deserve.