Apple’s MagSafe wallet is a great little accessory. It’s well made and works well with the magnets inside the iPhone 12. One thing it is not is affordable. In my review of it, I also looked at a third-party option from Amazon. While much more affordable, the quality was inferior and, maybe crucially, the magnet was very weak. It was clear that you couldn’t just slap together a MagSafe wallet that would be any good.

However, I recently received another third party MagSafe wallet from accessory maker Geometric Goods. It not only improved a couple of areas over apple’s version but is noticeably cheaper. (Please read my ethics policy at the end of this review).

Image of Geometric Goods MagSafe Wallet

One thing I wanted to note up top is that it was shipped to me in fully recyclable packaging. There were packing chips inside, which annoyed me only to have it confirmed that these were also fully recyclable—a great start.

The wallets made from Italian sourced leather and hand made in Poland. You can select several different styles and colours of leather and even have it personalised. Including a selection of Emojis! I went with the peace sign.

Image of Geometric Goods MagSafe Wallet

So that was a great start, but if the wallet felt rubbish, that would all be for nothing. Luckily, it doesn’t disappoint.

The Apple wallet is precisely made. That’s undoubtedly a good thing and means the build quality is excellent but also gives it a slightly manufactured feel. I like it, but there is something to be said for the feeling of handmade wallets and other products with their slight imperfections and natural feel. The leather on the Geometric Goods wallet is very nice. The one I got (tan leather) has a really lovely look and feel to it. It feels actually like a wallet should and would feel, just re-formatted to the MagSafe form.

The front lip in front of the cards is lower, allowing you to slide the cards out easily. (The Apple wallet didn’t allow this). Whereas on the Apple wallet, the lip is rock solid, the Geometric Goods wallet is flexible. You can bend it back and out of form, which doesn’t look great, but it does luckily smooth back, and since you slide the cards in and out, that should be something you would ever do. But it’s worth noting as maybe the only ‘flaw’.

Image of Geometric Goods MagSafe Wallet

The only other issue to note is that (I’m guessing) due to the natural form of the leather, the base is not entirely flat and curves away from the iPhone by a fraction around the edges. It’s not that noticeable, however, and hasn’t caused me any issues.

While the overall thickness is the same as Apple’s, the edges are much thicker. I actually liked that as on my iPhone 12 Mini, it made them more ‘grip-able’, but your taste may differ.

Finally, and crucially, the magnet is nice and strong. I’d say it’s just as strong as Apple’s, which is good though, of course, can very occasionally get knocked off. It being thicker around the edges, I do find it comes off less as when you grab your iPhone as the Apple one can occasionally slide off, it being slim at the edges and very smooth.

Image of Geometric Goods MagSafe Wallet

All in all, these MagSafe wallets are the only ones of quality I’ve managed to find other than Apple’s. The magnet is strong and the leather has a really nice handmade feel. Add onto that the choice in different leathers and the ability to personalise with a message - which Apple doesn’t offer - as well as the lower price and these are a really compelling buy.

Apple’s is the super-slick, precise manufactured one. Geometric Goods’ is the traditional, handmade, real leather feeling, true ‘wallet’ one.

Take your pick!

Geometric Goods MagSafe Wallets and other leather accessories are available from their website.

Ethics statement: Any reviews I post on this site are completely honest and un-influenced. If a product is supplied for free I will state so. In this case, Geometric Goods reached out to me with the offer to review their product. They offered me a wallet of my choice and I confirmed with them that my review would be honest and un-edited. They agreed to this.