The new Apple Watch isn't a massive update on the previous Series 5, so I don't think I'm getting it. However, I liked the look of the new Solo Loop that comes with it.

Replacing the previously included Sport Band, it looks the same but is one continuous loop, removing the Sport Band's buckle that tucks through a whole and under the opposite strap.

It comes in 9 sizes, and you work out your size by printing out a measuring sheet or using a tape measure. I used a tape measure (who has printers at home these days?!) and used that to order my size.

I've used it for five days now, and I've got to say it is incredibly comfortable! It's very light (only the Sport Loop is lighter) and the sizing is perfect. It's snug enough to hold the watch in position but not too tight to feel uncomfortable. I've looked closely, and my wrist IS in fact stretching it, but it's so subtle that I don't notice it. It's softer than the Sport Band and, crucially, stretchier.

Nike Sport Band vs Solo Loop
Nike Sport Band vs Solo Loop

I went for a bike ride and did a work out with the Loop, and it felt great. Occasionally with the Sport Band, the strap would dig into my wrist, and it would frequently leave a mark. Not the Solo Loop. I didn't notice it at all.

One thing that is a negative, as it was with the Sport Band, is that its solid design means that when you do an intense workout, you end up with a very sweaty wrist underneath. While it's not a big issue, I would have liked to have seen a Nike version with holes which I find better for workouts. It's also slightly ungraceful to put on as you need to stretch it and wrestle with it a bit, but that's not a big deal.

Other than that, I find this band great. It's almost, if not as, comfortable as my current default, the Sport Loop, so I will be wearing this a lot I think.

It's interesting how the best new thing to come out of the latest Apple Watch is not even part of the actual watch! Blood Ox is nice but not life-changing, the chip upgrade is always welcome but not very noticeable on an already speedy watch. However, this strap is great! Comfortable, uncomplicated and often not even noticeable - this is the Series 6's best new feature.