There are a lot of videos, articles and tweets out there about the iPhone 12 & 12 Pro but I wanted to go over some smaller little tidbits that people haven't talked about much as well as my initial feelings after using it for 24 hours.

Let’s dive in:

The packaging is now completely plastic free (except for the outer wrapping which, come on, get rid) with the plastic screen protector replaced by a piece of card with a coating of some sort. Which made me wonder whether that makes it still unrecycle-able like coffee cups.

They’ve added a tiny rubber ring around the edge of the end of the sim tray. Not sure what this is for, but maybe its to increase water resistance?

The MagSafe charger is really solid. It’s made of one solid piece of metal and carries some weight! USB-C at the end of it.

The magnetic hold for the MagSafe charger is pretty strong. Holding it by the cord and giving it a vigorous wiggle, it stays attached. Let drop, give it a violent pull-up and it will detach. If the iPhone is face down and you pull the cord up, it easily detaches as you are pulling it away at an angle.

The MagSafe charger works in the same way with the case attached. If not a little stronger.

Apple says the cases ‘snap’ on for a ‘magical attach experience’. If they mean the cute little animation in the colour of your case when you put it on then yes I guess it is magical. If you also have low standards of what is an isn’t magical. Otherwise, that is pure fiction. You fave to push the iPhone past the lip of the case and there is absolutely no ‘snapping’. Which is fine, it’s a lovely case and provides good through-charge. Just don’t promise something that is simply not there.

I wonder if over time the MagSafe charger will start to scratch the back of a naked iPhone? The charger is solid metal, and if you pull it off, you do get a certain amount of drag over the back. Time will tell I guess.

The case contains an NFC chip, but this appears to be in the centre. This seems to be so it doesn’t interfere with any scanning of NFC stickers with your iPhone, which you usually do with the top third. I tested some NFC stickers, and it stills works great with the case on. Interestingly trying to scan the NFC chip in the case does not recognise it. I suspect it’s some sort of custom chip.

This is a beautiful device

The design! This is a beautiful device. I would go so far as to say it’s the best iPhone Apple have made. It’s so precisely put together, the edges are so perfectly squared off, and the front and back glass is so flat and just protrudes a minute amount from the sides. Very evenly, though.

The sides are gorgeous... until you start touching it. Then it becomes a fingerprint magnet. I sometimes wonder whether Apple thinks about things like this when designing it. Sure, it’s impressive when you first get it, but within minutes the sides get a bit blurry. For this reason, and for the reason I love the iPad Pro design so much, I wish they’d gone with a Matt finish on the side like the non-Pro versions. Hey, maybe that's just me though.

It does feel bigger but at the same time, smaller. It’s weird to put into words, but I’d put it down to the fact the sides are angled not curved and that the iPhone is thinner than the 11 Pro.

I’ve seen people saying they don't as much like the feel in hands. I can see why. The angled edges feel very different. I, however, like how solid and un-slippy it feels. However, I think this will be purely subjective.

The angled edges make it far easier to pick up from flat with your thumb and forefinger. The iPhone 11 Pro always felt a bit fiddly; you’d have to sort of angle your fingers to 'scoop’ it up.

That extra 2GB of RAM (now 6GB) is noticeable when using apps. You can switch between many more without iOS having to reload the whole thing.

The iPhone seems to get much warmer when doing standard wireless charging. Not hot but definitely warmer.

Did I mention this device looks amazing?